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It's In the Cards (4684 bytes) Miniature Spectrophotometer PC Card

SPV10 Features

  • Spectroscopy for a mobile world
  • MEMS-LIGA spectrophotometer engine
  • Self-contained with a PC card interface
  • Applicatios software for Windows CE
  • Concentration, absorbance, transmittance, and intensity modes


The SPV10 Spectrophotometer is self-contained within a single bodied unit that connects to the PC Card slot of a laptop or handheld computer without the use of cables or external power supply. A broad band light source, user-configurable sample holder, diffraction grating, photodiode array and interface circuitry are all enclosed within the unit.

The instrument collects visible spectra from samples held in standard 1 inch or 1 centimeter cuvettes. Designed for long term use in the field, the spectrometer requires less than 50 mA while operating and 5 ma in sleep mode. It draws its power from a laptop or palmtop host computer without significantly affecting the host's battery life.




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