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The founding vision of Nomadics, Inc. was the development and introduction of a new, innovative generation of electronic instrumentation. As the name implies, the concept of mobility and portability were tenets of this new approach. Coincidentally, the critical elements necessary to the success of this endeavor were also materializing. Rapid miniaturization of electronics, the introduction of handheld computers, and the advent of new, higher capability peripheral interfaces were the factors that allowed the Nomadics concept to be realized.

With an initial staff of less than ten, the Company began the effort to develop this visionary new equipment and over the period of the first few years met with substantial success and growth. While instrumentation was in development, the Company also began efforts in a number of areas including sensors and medical equipment. The Advanced Instrumentation Group (AIG) was formed in 1998, along with a Sensors and Wireless Technology Group, in order to organize the several technology areas that had sprung from the first four years of operation.

AIG became responsible for portable instrumentation which, by that time, had dramatically expanded to include two temperature products, a digital multi-meter, pH, conductivity, ion sensitive electrode, and oxygen reduction potential cards all using the PCMCIA card product. Over the time since initiating the concept developments, AIG has gone on to develop a miniaturized Spectrophotometer and an Evaluation Kit to assist researchers and developers in evaluating Surface Plasmon Resonance as a potential technology for protein affinity binding and kinetics.

Today, AIG continues to develop and market the Company’s commercial products.


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