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SpreetaTM Evaluation Module
Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensor

Exploit the capabilities of biosensors without a six figure budget. The introduction of the Texas Instruments' (TI) Spreeta sensor takes biosensing into the next generation, providing a commercializable and cost-effective biosensor solution.

Spreeta utilizes the ultrasensitive physical principle known as surface plasmon resonance (SPR) to measure the refractive index (RI) of liquids that come into contact with the sensing surface. With the addition of a biolayer to its sensing surface, Spreeta becomes a versatile and portable biosensor. SPR Properties
Surface plasmon resonance sensors have been demonstrated to measure properties such as:

  • refractive index changes
  • avidin-biotin binding
  • antibody-antigen dissociation kinetics
  • thickness of insulators
  • refractive index of thin dielectrics
  • specific detection of small molecules
  • protein binding
  • concentrations of analytes
  • attachment of DNA complements
  • mixture proportions
The Nomadics Spreeta Evaluation Modules are the solution to begin advanced research on a limited budget. Each evaluation module comes complete with:
  • 50 Spreeta Sensors
  • Flow Cell with Temperature Compensation
  • Electronic PC Interface Control
  • Comprehensive Windows Software

An SPR Biosensor
Spreeta chip
Spreeta sensors can be used in a wide range of applications from agriculture to medical. Measuring refractive index alone, Spreeta can qualify the composition of beverages, chemicals, oils and other liquids. With a biolayer attached to the sensor surface, Spreeta can perform label-free detection and quantification of specific agents. The versatility, precision and portability of Spreeta makes it ideal for biosensor research and development efforts.

Spreeta Applications

The evaluation modules are designed to allow users to experiment with surface plasmon resonance technology in a wide variety of applications for developing Spreeta-based field-portable and in-process instruments. All the optics are integrated in the Spreeta sensor to ease the transition from concept to product. The evaluation module is ideal for university and commercial laboratories to perform specialized research and as a teaching/training tool.

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