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It's in the Cards! (4684 bytes)TCChart
Temperature Chart Recorder
Temperature Data Logger, Chart Recorder and Controller Using Thermocouple and Infrared Sensors
 Strip Chart Recorder and TCChart PC Card with Screen Shot (36628 bytes)TCChart Features

  • Applications Software for Windows 9X/ME/CE
  • Thermocouple and IR Probe Compatibility
  • Paperless Strip Chart Recorder
  • Record Maximum Positive and Negative Slope
  • Monitor Time Above a Temperature Reference
  • Compare Data Between Different Tests
  • Record and Time Stamp Max/Min Temperatures
  • Programmable Recording-Time Interval

Replace traditional strip chart recorders. Limited only by your computer's memory, electronically store six channel graphs of temperature versus time while providing out-of-limit controls and warnings. With TCChart you can log and chart thermal measurements when and where you want.

  • Laboratory
    • Thermal Circuit Analysis
    • Thermal Resistance
    • Oven Calibration
    • Thermal Control Design
  • Engine Analysis
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Process Monitoring
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Heating/Cooling System Analysis
  • Food Processing
  • HACCP Monitoring
  • Quality Control
  • Plant Maintenance

Evaluation Software
Download the latest version of TCChart software. This software operates with Windows 9X/ME and includes a demo mode to simulate the logging and charting of a thermal measurement. The user can completely evaluate TCChart before making a purchase decision.

Download Evaluation Software



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