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It's in the Cards! (4684 bytes)Thermal Profiler For Conveyor Ovens
Temperature Profiling of Reflow Soldering Processes and Conveyor Ovens

  • Applications Software for Windows 9X/ME/CE
  • Real Time Display of up to Six Channels
  • Record Maximum Positive and Negative Slope
  • Real Time Monitoring of Time Above a Temperature Reference
  • Compare Data Sets from Different Runs
  • Analyze Slope and Temperature in Logged Increments
  • Convenient and Robust Thermocouple Attachment


The TCProfile converts handheld, laptop or desktop personal computers into sophisticated and inexpensive trailing wire profiling systems for conveyor ovens. The data is displayed real time and can be logged in a data file for future recall and analysis or saved as an ASCII text file. Operating on very low power (10mA typical), the TCProfile plugs directly into the PC Card (PCMCIA) slot of Windows based computers. TCProfile can be used with virtually any thermocouple type that uses subminiature blade style connectors for thermocouple hook up.

Evaluation Software

Download the latest version of TCProfile software. This software operates with Windows 9X/ME and includes a demo mode to simulate the profiling of a conveyor oven. The user can completely evaluate TCProfile before making a purchase decision.

Download Evaluation Software


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